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San Gabriel: two new customers via tacler

By - July 2011
San Gabriel packhouse

San Gabriel is a company that has a strong position in Mexican limes. It has its own production in Mexico, which is shipped around the world. Offices of the company are in Mexico and the United Kingdom. Through the company’s subsidiary in the UK, it also imports other products as well, such as mangos, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, clementine’s, and pomegranates with associated growers that grow according San Gabriel requirements.

“We are introducing some vegetable lines as well, which we have been developing. These are programs with some of our current customers. We normally import the fruit in to Rotterdam Port and into Thamesport or Tilbury in the UK. We tend to distribute our fruit coming into the UK to our customers in the UK for logistical reasons and with the fruit going into Rotterdam we are able to supply our other customers around Europe,” says Pedro Rodrigues of San Gabriel. The company’s main Brand is San Gabriel, besides other brands like the premium brand ORO and the generic brands Fresh Limes and SOL.

“We believe in Social Media as a way of exposure for our products. You will be able to find us on platforms such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, tacler, and Skype. We have noticed good feedback from customers through these channels. I believe the use of online platforms is still very new to the industry, but is something that is very effective and that will be developed further in the future. I also believe more and more companies will start using these platforms for communication and that added benefits will come out from it. In our case we have been able to start working with two different customers that we have connected via tacler. This has resulted in sales with repeated orders and hopefully increased volume in the future,” says Pedro.

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