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Brisk UK lime market

By - 20 June 2011

San Gabriel is a fruit import & export company established in 1989 in Mexico, growing, packing and exporting Mexican Limes to the different Continents around the World. The company has been importing Mexican limes into the UK and Europe since then. In 2009, San Gabriel UK was created, based in the South East of England, with intention of increasing sales in the UK and this has certainly been the case. The company has seen an increase in volumes since then and been able to increase their imports from 3 containers of limes per week to 8 at the present time. Due to the increase in volumes seen recently the company handles their volumes through two different distribution bases. One located in the South East of England and the other located in the Rotterdam Area. In the beginning the limes were sold mainly on supermarket contracts but now extend to wholesalers and other contracts.

mexican limes

Marco Barbosa, Sales Manager at San Gabriel UK said volumes of Mexican limes are slightly up this year, but prices remain steady, depending on the market. "Due to the good quality and reputation for our brand we are to sell most of the containers before they are due to arrive showing that there is room to grow in this market".

The season began early this year, around a month before that of last year and will run until the end of December. San Gabriel will again complement the Mexican season with Brazilian limes from January until April. Previously they have sourced the Brazilian limes from Dutch importers but next year they will source them directly from Brazil.

San Gabriel compliment their assortment by offering other products such as mango, grapes, grapefruit, oranges, mandarines and pomegranates and will add other products during the course of the year.

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